What is A History of Us?

A History of Us is an uncomplicated and beautiful adventure into the history of everything for curious children and adults. Written and illustrated by high school students Xan Hahn and Tristan Hsieh, and with topics such as the Big Bang, the Age of Dinosaurs, and the Industrial Era, A History of Us describes the formation and processes of the universe, the major events in earth’s biological history, and human civilization from ancient times to modern, all in a format that everyone will enjoy.

The Universe Image


The first topic is that of the big bang, the early formation of stars and eventually the formation of planets. When I wrote this I believe that it was essential in understanding to learn about the extraplanetary history to understand our place in it.


The next section of the book deals with the biological history of earth, all the way from bacterial to early human evolution. Knowing the history of life and where we came from shows how diverse our planet is and how far humans have come from their origins. It starts with the explanation of the bacterial colonies and how they became macro-cellular, or with multiple cells in a single organism. It then move up to fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and eventually early humans. A History of Us covers a massive time frame with a concise clarity that will make anyone grasp the biological history of the planet!

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Humanity Image


The final section goes over western history from the stone age to the information age. Going over the people and ideas from each era really hammers in how far as a species have come. We built great buildings, nations and technologies and explored the world to finally arrive where we are now.