Deepchem Library

Deepchem is an python library that uses tensor flow to provide high quality open-source toolchain for deep-learning in drug discovery, materials science, quantum chemistry, and biology. It is a project by the pande group at stanford that has
become used more and more by industrial leaders.

The library has tools to work with a large variety of problems and has a large list of usable sample code that can be modified or changed to work with whatever project you are currently attempting to solve. However, as it is a bit of a niche
library there is a lack of support and aid that some bigger projects might receive. That’s not to say that there is little support however as the team that created deepchem continues to provide excellent support via the gitter site and
constantly responds to users comments.

However, I as I have been working with the library quite a lot I have created my own list of notes and aid that might be useful to other people in regards to the project. This includes how to prepare a completely new install of deepchem on an
ubuntu system and some of the code that I have used and a breakdown of how it functions.

External Resources

Deepchem Website

Github link

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