• Masters – Universitat de Barcelona Autonoma: The top University in Spain, Universitat de Barcelona Autonoma has an amazing international program in Bioinformatics that taught me in a fast paced and nurturing environment.
  • Bachelors – University of Texas at Arlington: Highly rated University in which I graduated in three years with a full paid scholarship.
  • High School/Associates – Richland College Collegiate High School: A competitive program located at Richland College that provides students with full time college classes while still attending high school. I graduated the program with both a Associates in Sciences and a High School Diploma.


  • Drug Discovery Bioinformatician: I had an amazing opportunity to work with Pharmacelera for my master practicum, working with highly qualified researchers in the field of computer aided drug design. Here I had the opportunity to learn about the basics of machine learning and develop my skills as a python programmer.
  • Laboratory Assistant: A research lab I worked at as an undergrad with Dr. John Fondon in which I participate in independent research to discover associations between bird genotype and bird phenotypes.
  • Medical Scribe: I worked in Baylor Hospital in downtown dallas with the endocrinology specialist before beginning my Graduate program in Spain for six months.
  • Clinical Informatician: Built and implemented a Medical EMR system for WalkEZTalkEZ clinic in plano. I also converted all of their previous documentation to the new EMR system and worked to ensure the new EMR system was HIPPA compliant.
  • Residential Advisor: Worked for a year as a Residential Advisor for the University of Texas at Arlington at Kalpana Chawla hall interacting and assisting the students and campus residential staff.

Coding Projects

  • Internship Project: A collection of scripts that utilizes Phamacelera’s PharmaScreen and PharmQsar to generate parameters, preform QSAR and report the relevant results for given sets of molecular libraries.
  • Rosalind Code: Sets of code that I worked on to hone my programming ability and develop bioinformatic knowledge and skill. I’ve since folded the individual scripts into a library for easy of access and usability.
  • Bioinformatics App: A prototype app that I developed using Open Source Society University suggested open source classes to learn bioinformatics on your own. Based on Ionic and currently need to use the ionic environment to explore the app.
  • Deepchem: a python library that uses tensorflow code to preform analytical chemistry (amoung other things). I wrote code with this library during my internship for testing small molecule for potential toxicity.

Other Projects

  • A History of Us: A children’s book about the history of the Universe, life on planet earth and human civilization I wrote in highschool at the age of 17.
  • Master Paper: A breakdown of my masters paper titled “Evaluation of the impacts of DFT(B3LYP)- and semi-empirical (RM1)-derived MST hydrophobic descriptors on 3D-QSAR (HyPhar) statistical performances: A preliminary study.”
  • Resume: A downloadable PDF of my Resume