I am Alexander “Xan” Hahn, a bioinformatics, data science, and machine learning engineer. I have earned the Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning Professional Certification.

I recently graduated with a Masters in Bioinformatics from the Universitat de Barcelona Autonoma, with an internship developing tools for early stage drug discovery.

Prior to my Masters, I received a BS in Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington, on a full academic scholarship.

In my free time I like to develop interesting software and take photos of places that I travel.

Latest Post

Rosalind: GC

Hello everyone! Today I am taking a look at Rosalinds GC problem and the various steps that it will take to complete it! The gist of the GC problem is quite easy, to calculate the Read more…

Rosalind: Subs

Hey guys and welcome to another one of my tutorials for Rosalind! Today we are looking at “Subs” or “Finding a Motif in DNA”. This is a very important theme in bioinformatics, searching dna for Read more…